OXYSEPT Comfort 3-month pack from AMO

Oxysept© Comfort with vitamin B12 is a high-quality peroxide tablet eye care system for all soft contact lenses, also for all replaceable systems, including silicone hydrogel contact lenses.
Oxysept© Comfort is completely free of added preservatives and contains the eye vitamin, B12, an essential vitamin which also occurs naturally in the body.

Oxsept Comfort will be available in a new outer package from now on.
Caution: production of the 120ml Lens Plus saline solution was discontinued worldwide. It is no longer available in that package. If you clean your lenses with tablets, please bear in mind that they must be rinsed with saline solution.

Here is a selection of saline solutions :

Avizor Saline

Sensitive Eyes

Lens Plus Ocupure
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