Dailies Total1, 90 pack from Alcon

You will experience a new generation of contact lenses with the new Dailies Total 1 by Ciba Vision!

The year 2012 starts with a revolution for all people wearing contact lenses: From now on, the daily disposable lenses Dailies Total1 combine the highest wearing comfort with the best tolerability you could wish for for your eyes.
Thanks to a new contact lens technology, these silicone hydrogel daily disposable lenses feature the best permeability to oxygen of all one-day lenses that are currently available on the market. With a water content of more than 80% on the surface, the condition of the lens is almost equivalent to the water content on the surface of your eyes. These premium-quality contact lenses are therefore suitable for very long wearing times.
The core of this daily disposable lens consists of a material that is highly permeable to oxygen and has a water content of 33 percent which increases - thanks to the unique water gradient - to the very high 80 percent on the surface of the contact lens. This way you get a real freshness kick for your eyes which lasts even for very long wearing times. Your eyes keep their natural and white appearance.
With the contact lens Dailies Total One, Ciba Vision has also greatly improved the lubricity (sliding capability) of the contact lenses. The friction between the contact lens and the sensitive tissue of the eye is considerably reduced and still provides a comfortable wearing sensation even after a wearing time of 14 hours at the end of the day. Allow yourself to be impressed by the most modern of all silicone hydrogel daily disposable lenses!

Your benefits:
• highest permeability to oxygen
• optimized sliding capability on the eye
• perfectly suited for dry eyes
• highest comfort even with very long wearing times
• best hygiene and tolerability for your eyes

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