Air Optix Night & Day Aqua from Alcon

The day and night lens Air Optix Night & Day Aqua by Alcon (formerly Ciba Vision) makes your eyes appear as fresh as a daisy, even after a long and stressful day.

NEW! Available in summer 2012 at Lensspirit! This high-quality monthly disposable lens Air Optix Night & Day Aqua by Alcon (former Ciba Vision) is the successor of the popular Air Optix Night&Day. Your benefits: A better permeability to oxygen and a better lubrication of your eyes. Especially contact lens users with long wearing times will love these contact lenses, because these high-quality contact lenses have been especially developed for long wearing periods and for wearing them over night for up to 30 days and nights. With this high-quality silicone hydrogel lens, your eyes still appear fresh and alive even after long and stressful workdays. Due to the very smooth lens surface, you furthermore experience an exceptionally pleasant wearing comfort with these day and night lenses.

Assist the preservation of the health of your eyes! This is how comfortable wearing contact lenses can be.

Your benefits:

  • can be worn for 30 days and nights in a row
  • extremely good permeability to oxygen
  • very good lubrication of your eyes
  • suitable for traveling and stressful days

Please note:

In order to maintain the properties of this high-quality lens, we recommend storing the lenses in a care solution over night occasionally. Every eye is unique: Please consult your ophthalmologist or optician whether you can wear the contact lenses for 30 days and nights without interruption.

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