MPG&E was part of the Carl-Zeiss concern (with registered offices in Jena) until 2000 when it became an independent company. Their registered offices are in Bordersholm and employs 56 people. The company focuses on manufacturing and distributing contact lenses and care products in the premium segment.

MPG&E has set itself an ambitious goal: to raise the number of contact lens wearers in Germany, because contact lenses are seen as the most intelligent visual aid at all. To reach this goal, MPG&E's products have to combine wearing comfort, easy use and optimal correction of the visual deficiency.

To ensure the product quality, MG&E have the EN ISO 13485:2007 qualitative standards ensurance certificate and offers seminars for opticians and optometrists where they are taught the newest information and the competence of their specialist personnel.

MPG&E's product range is mostly famous for the contact lens range ECCO. Monthly disposable lenses known as ECCO easy AS; daily lenses as ECCO change One Day UV are available. Furthermore there are toric lenses, which correct astigmatism, called ECCO easy T.

MPG&E's most recent care product is known as the combi-solution Perfect Aqua Plus. It contains hyaluronate, allantoine and bio-polydol 2 and, when used to clean and protect your contact lenses, is a comprehensive care product which promotes good hygiene for your lenses.

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