AMO produces care products for contact lenses and was founded in 1976 as part of the Allergan concern. In 2002 AMO was removed from the Allergan portfolio.

Until 2009, AMO was short for Advanced Medical Optics, but in February 2009, they changed their name to Abbott Medical Optics.

The new mother company Abbott would like to expand its portfolio in the up and coming market of optical care products by buying AMO and promises to break the global market with an anual turnover of 22 thousand million US-Dollars. Abbott employs a total of 72,000 people in over 130 countries.

The global headquarters of AMO is still in California, even after the merger and its German headquarters is in Ettlingen (Baden-Württemberg). From there, business is allocated to Europe, Africa and Asia.

AMO's main business is producing, distributing and developing contact lens care solution for the different areas of use. Generally speaking, their product range can be split into four groups: 1. the complete all-in-one solutions (for example the all-in-one Complete Easy Rub Formula) 2. the Oxysept multi-stage care system for all soft lenses (for example the Oxysept Comfort Premium-Pack) 3. the Total Care solution for hard contact lenses (containing, among other things, the Total Care cleaner and Total Care solution products) and 4. the Blink Eye Drop range (with diverse products like Blink refreshing, Blink intensive tears or Blink contacts).

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