CooperVision was founded in 1979 as a manufacturer of contact lenses and constitutes one half of the CooperCompanies company.

The main offices of CooperVision are in Pleasanton (California) and they employ around 6,600 employees in 12 branches around the world. Half of the branches are on the European continent with more than 2,500 employees.

CooperVision is the largest manufacturer of toric contact lenses worldwide, which are used to balance out the curvature of the cornea, and has established itself as the market leader in this field. In the field of soft contact lenses, CooperVision is the fourth largest manufacturer in the world and is in direct competition with Bausch&Lomb, Ciba Vision and Johnson&Johnson.

CooperVision's contact lenses are made in seven international laboratories, for example in Rochester (New York), Juana Díaz (Puerto Rico), Adelaide (Australia), Hampshire (England) and Madrid (Spain).

Their portfolio includes all types of contact lens, for example, yearly, monthly, daily and tinted lenses. As well as that, CooperVision is separated into different market families. For example there is the product brand of Frequency aspheric contact lenses, which differ due to their different water capacities. EXPRESSIONS accents are CooperVision's tinted monthly lenses. The lenses in the range Proclear Sphere are especially popular due to the biocompatable materials used to make the lenses. Since the Company Ocular Sciences was bought in 2005, the brand name Biomedics has been available to the German market. With the Biofinity range, CooperVision became the first to create contact lenses from silicone hydrogel. All contact lenses are also available as toric lenses.

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