The company Alcon, with company headquarters in Hünenberg (Switzerland) and Fort Worth (Texas) was founded in 1945 and began its story as an chemists.

Today, Alcon Laboratories are in 180 countries and employ 15,000 employees making a yearly turnover of 6 thousand million dollars.

Alcon's main business has been focussed around development, production and distribution of pharmaceutical products (since 1945), care products for contact lenses (since 1977) and surgical equipment (since 1981).

The contact lens care solutions can be separated into three groups: all-in-one's, protein removal and re-hydration solutions. Two of the most famous all-in-one solutions are the products Optifree Express and Optifree Replenish. Opti-Tears is used to re-hydrate the lenses and CLENS-100 to remove protein deposits.

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