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The story of Baush&Lomb begins with the co-operation of two German immigrants in Rochester (New York) 1853: Jacob Bausch and Henry Lomb founded a factory, manufacturing monacles.

1892 the product range was extended to include optical lenses. To this end, Bausch&Lomb worked together with the Zeiss factories in Germany.

The entire company history is heavily influenced by political world events. During the first and second world war, there was a raised demand in all kinds of optical equipment, for example, camera lenses, telescopes or view finders. That extended the product range, at the height of the development, the amount of military products being produced made up for 70 per cent of the whole production. The most famous, and still well-loved today, are the classic Ray-Ban pilot goggles.

In 1971, the brand name SoftLens became popular: Bausch&Lomb had managed after years of development and research, to bring a contact lens onto the market, that was not, like other lenses at the time, made from lucine or glass, but from a consdierably softer material called Poly-HEMA. The first SoftLens product was created using that very material.

Strategic company acquisitions contributed to the development of the field of contact lenses. One of those was the Berlin family company Dr. Mann Pharma in 1986. The company was started in 1945 as a pharmacy and could not find anyone to take over.

In total, with an annual turnover of 2.3 million US Dollars, Bausch&Lomb can easily be counted as one of the leading health service providers. More than 12,000 employees work in over 36 countries in different areas from research to production, marketing, packaging, technology and law.

The department Vision Care is one of the three largest fields of business for Bausch&Lomb, with contact lenses and care products and a 28% share of the turnover, and is a central part of the company.

They create contact lenses in all thinkable varieties:

There are the daily lenses SoftLens OneDay and SoftLens Daily Disposable, the classical product range SoftLens 38, SoftLens 59 and SoftLens 66 as monthly lenses and the first contact lenses to be made from silicone hydrogel, caled Pure Vision, that are so permeable that they can be worn for 30 days and 29 nights without needing to take them out. As well as that, multi-focal contact lenses, called SoftLens Multifocal and lenses to correct astigmatisms, SoftLens Toric and Pure Vision Toric are also available.

The care products are made for people with different needs as well:

Alongside the normal all-in-one solutions, which combine cleansing and disinfection, like ReNu Multiplus, there are also several stage care products, which are moslty PH-neutral and therefore especially well suited to people with sensitive eyes. The product Easy Sept is one of them. Of course, Bausch&Lomb also offer care solutions for hard lenses for example the product range Boston Advance.

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